The Book

In the far of town lived a boy with her sister. His named was Arthur. His sister was sick since their parents passed away 5 years ago. So, he took care his sister by himself.
Arthur was very clever. He loved reading very much. He had already read all of the books that he ever found.
One day, he found a book on the way to go home. He took the book, then ran away as fast as possible so that there were no people saw him. Arrived at home, he read the book soon. It was surprising, that the book was empty. There was nothing in the book. Arthur opened each of paper but there was no writing. He was very confused so he thought many times. An hour left, he had an idea. He took a pen then tried to write ‘an apple’ in the book. Suddenly, there was an apple which appeared inside from the book. He wrote ‘a milk’, directly a milk appeared.
Arthur was very happy that he had the magical book. He didn’t need to go to the town because he just wrote all of needed in the book.
The book made him reluctant to do anything. His daily activities only read and wrote in the magical book. The book was such a friend who was always there for him. Since there was the book, Arthur also rarely accompanied her sister. He just gave medicines acquired from the book.
One night, her sister screamed in pain. She called Arthur and her parents repeatedly. Arthur tried to calm her sister, but her sister never quiet. It happened for three nights. It was unusual that his sister did for three nights in a row.
At the midnight, his sister has calmed down. Arthur accompanied her until she was asleep. He returned to his room then opened the book and write something.
“ It was exhausting. I should take care of the house alone and ailing sister. Why should it be me? Why must father and mother died? Why did they have to charge this heavy duty to me? I also wanted to be a normal kid who could play liked the others. I can’t stand it. Why did Molly not heal? It was better she died such as father and mother so that I could live in peace.”
After writing In the book, Arthur fell asleep. He was not aware of what he had written resulted in the unexpected.
The next morning, Arthur got up and immediately went to her sister’s room. She saw her sister who was still sleeping. Arthur decided not to wake her up. “Molly might indeed need to rest”, he thought. During the day, molly did not wake up. “She usually did not sleep until this hour”, he thought again. Arthur looked into the room and woke her sister up. When he touched her hand, he was surprised that her hands were frozen. He shook the whole body of her sister, but it had been motionless. Suddenly he remembered that he had written something about her sister in the magical book. Arthur cried and regretted his actions. He wrote her sister alive again in the book, but her sister did not wake up as before.
Arthur realized that rice had become porridge would not be back to before. For it, he might bear the consequences all of his made by living alone.


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