The Struggling Monument of Pekalongan

The Struggling Monument is the only one monument in Pekalongan. It was build to commemorate the struggle of Pekalongan people in the fight against Japan on 3 October 1945.

The struggling monument is located in Pemuda street, Pekalongan Central Java. People also call this monument as Monument of 3 October. It is represented by the 5 heroes statue who brings spiky bamboos. Around the statue of the heroes, there is a garden which are beautiful and comfortable seating. The garden is clean and suitable for relaxing. Every day, several children plays in the monument. Some of them are playing skates or bike. Sometimes, some student activists utilize the monument street to hold demonstrations or fund raising.

Across the monument, there is a Japanese heritage building now turned into a mosque named Masjid Asysyuhada’. In the front yard of the mosque, there are four bamboo-shaped sculpture with 5 segments. But now, it has been transformed into 3 bamboo stalks with 10 blade segments which is symbolizing the events of 3 October.

Now every year on 3 October, in the front of the monument held ceremonies and theatrical action performed by students of Pekalongan.


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