Why The Sea Water is Salt?

Have you ever been to the beach? Of course you have, right? Sometimes, when swimming at the beach we are inadvertently drinking sea water or at least it enters our mouth so that we feel the saltiness of seawater. What exactly is causing the salty sea water?

Sea water comes from rain water flowing down through the rivers and eventually empties into the sea, after the material has evaporated into the clouds and fallen back into the rain. Throughout the process, the water flowing through the rivers carrying mineral salts like potassium, calcium, sodium and others.

The salts are obtained from the rocks and the earth’s crust through which the water flows along. Arriving to the sea, the mineral salts keep stay at the sea while the H2O evaporates into clouds. These are make sea water into salt.

Salinity of sea water in every part of the world is different; it is influenced by the state of different temperatures. The greater the evaporation, the higher the acidity level.



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