English Department of Pekalongan University, Why Not?

Do you want to be an English teacher? You do not have to go far out of the city; Pekalongan University has English Department, no less with universities outside the city.
Not least with large campuses, English department accredited B with lecturers who are experienced in their field. Freshman orientation was evident as professional teachers in the field of English language. If you do not want to be a teacher, a student need not worry because there are still many areas of work related to English language such as translators, journalists, professors and others. There are scholarships that can be used for underprivileged students. There is also a student exchange program to Brunei or Malaysia for those who want to study abroad for a few months.
So, let’s join an English Department of Pekalongan University. It is the solution for you to conquer your dream.


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