Blog is The Best Media to Publish Students’ Works

Blog is one of medium that is often used to publish ideas or information. Many people use blogs to share their writings, include students. They utilize the blog as a place to publish their works.
It is as being effective and practical to store tasks. The task can be directly edited and saved if there is an error. The lecturers and readers can also give feedback directly related to the assignments. If the assignments are overdue, lecturers can find out because there is a posting date.


On the other hand, using a blog do not make students facilitated. Sometimes, the Internet is an error that we cannot publish the task in a timely manner. Not all students have laptops or internet network at home. Those limitations sometimes make them reluctant for doing their works. They prefer to use paper that can be directly written and collected.
Using blog is not always the best media to publish students’ works. It depends on how students utilize existing facilities as well as possible and how they use the facility.


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