One Work by One Author Direct Quotation: “A text can be defined as an actual language, as distinct from a sentence which is an abstract unit of linguistic analysis” (Widdowson, 2011, p. 4). Paraphrase: A text is an actual languange. It is an abstract unit of linguistic analysis which is different from a sentence (Widdowson, […]

Unikal Goes to NUDC 2016

Pekalongan University again followed NUDC (National University Debating Championship) held by Kopertis IV ristekdikti provincial level. The competition has become an annual event the government since 2008 and followed by all public and private universities in Central Java. It will be held on 18-20 May 2016 in Salatiga. In this competition, Unikal send a team […]

Why The Sea Water is Salt?

Have you ever been to the beach? Of course you have, right? Sometimes, when swimming at the beach we are inadvertently drinking sea water or at least it enters our mouth so that we feel the saltiness of seawater. What exactly is causing the salty sea water? Sea water comes from rain water flowing down […]