The Struggling Monument of Pekalongan

The Struggling Monument is the only one monument in Pekalongan. It was build to commemorate the struggle of Pekalongan people in the fight against Japan on 3 October 1945. The struggling monument is located in Pemuda street, Pekalongan Central Java. People also call this monument as Monument of 3 October. It is represented by the […]

Power Banks

Power banks are portable device used to put electric energy into battery which can recharge without having to connect the device in the electrical outlets. Power banks are mostly popular for charging smartphones. Power banks are made to people who work in the field that rarely enter the room. It appropriate for people who often […]

The Book

In the far of town lived a boy with her sister. His named was Arthur. His sister was sick since their parents passed away 5 years ago. So, he took care his sister by himself. Arthur was very clever. He loved reading very much. He had already read all of the books that he ever […]

Because of Rain

On the last new year, my family and I went to Jakarta. We visited my sister and her husband. we left at 8 pm. Before we left, my mother had prepared what was needed in the trip such as food, drink, plastic, and medicine. she also brought food for my sister and her husband. The […]